CruiserTV Ep#3

Jodi Mossop interviews Bob Bitchin at the Strictly Sail Pacific Show in Richmond, CA in April 2016. In this episode, we find out how Bob got his name Bob Bitchin, his connection to Tommy Chong and the “Up in Smoke Album”, working with Evel Knievel as his bodyguard and helping out Jane Fonda. Bob talks also about his boat “The Lost Soul”, Cruising Outpost magazine and Latitudes & Attitudes, and a bit about how he and Jody got together. But the most important parts are about what sailing gives to you, how to live and the amazing sailing community! Next Jody Lipkin is interviewed and she tells us the story of meeting Bob, learning to sail and once again, the heart that is the sailing community.

The third interview is a great listen for anyone who’s thought about sailing and needs to hear the advice from Katie Smith and Jessie Zevalkink about, “Just Do It”. These two girls tell an inspirational story about their 2 year trip doing America’s Great Loop with a dog and cat and starting off with very little experience. And then finally, our featured vlogger, White Spot Pirates.

A Big THANK YOU to Just Marine – Boating Safety Products for the sponsorship of this episode – please find more information about them at and on Facebook.

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