CruiserTV Ep#5: Cruising with Kids

Teena travels to Luperon, Dominican Republic and stays aboard SV Aphrodite with the Escher family for an episode of Cruising with Kids. Meet Lorraine and Rick Escher in this up close and personal interview and find out what it is like to sail with four kids on board – a ten year old, and eight year old, and five year old twins! As they make their way around the Caribbean and decide just how far they will go on this hopeful circumnavigation.

Find their blog here :

Also in this episode, Bob B. from Cruising Outpost joins CruiserTV with some information on what is new in the cruising community and details on upcoming boat shows.

And special guests cruising moms from Sailing with Terrapin and Sailing Totem join us with some helpful advice.

Aimee from Terrapin gives us some kid tips for Cruising with Kids, and watch a great funny little clip put together by her kids.

Behan from Totem gives some helpful advice on what you need to know and how to find it in her book Voyaging with Kids.

This episode is sponsored by Mantus Anchors.
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Commercial on Spinlock deck vests provided by APS (, created by the Fenn family as a product review.
Please note:
– Deckvest Cento (video says it is a Deckvest. There are a few versions of the Deckvest. This is the CENTO. It is for children, or small adults, weighing 20-50kgs)
– The “D ring” referred to in the video is not a D ring. D ring is the big metal loop a lot of other manufacturers use. This is a Dyneema soft loop harness attachment point.
More info: This video was made directly by us at Spinlock. A good video showing the features of the Deckvest CENTO. Here is another that was made in conjunction with the RYA and Spinlock. It goes through all the different options for children.

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Teena Clipston
Carey Missler
Tomas Durban
Belinda and Dan Govatos

Aphrodite segment:
Teena Clipston
Rick Escher
Lorraine Escher –
Betty Escher
Paul Escher
Nathalie Houston (Dolphin video)

Bob B. (Cruising Outpost magazine) segment:
Teena Clipston
Bob Lipkin –

Sailing with Terrapin segment:
Aimee –

Sailing Totem:
Behan Gifford –
Armand – (sailing totem background photo)
Instagram: hamsterescape (kids reading Voyaging with Kids)

Video editing: Teena Clipston

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