CruiserTV Ep#7 pt.1 – Luperón, DR. – The Bruce Van Sant interview!

Teena travels to Luperón Dominican Republic and meets with author Bruce Van Sant and his wife Rosa. Van Sant has surveyed over 200 anchorages between Florida and South America, and has racked up well over 80,000 sea miles doing it! In this interview we speak about his book Passages South, the trade winds, Luperon Bay, Columbus, and more! Episode 7 is part one of two.

Also in this episode a brief look at the services for Cruisers in Luperón, including sail repair, new and used sailboat parts, and hull out and maintenance services.

This episode is sponsored by El Milagro Beach Hotel and Marina.


Opening theme film credits:
Teena Clipston
Carey Missler
Tomas Durban
Belinda and Dan Govatos

Episode film credits: Teena Clipston, Rick Escher, Dan Govatos

Video editing: Teena Clipston

Special thanks to: Rick and Lorraine Escher for hosting the interview aboard their SV Aphrodite.

Theme song: “More To This” by Julien Funk,

Background Music: Firmament by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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