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Teena Clipston

Let CruiserTV take you on a video adventure to some of the most exotic, stunning places on the planet as we interview cruisers and learn the ways of the sea. CruiserTV is a travel vlog TV show and blog with a Youtube channel, and other social media platforms for aspiring cruisers, dreamers, and want-to-be travellers who want to learn everything there is to know about cruising. 

We are adventure-seekers and ocean-lovers. We are dreamers and thinkers. We are wanderers and heart-followers. We are CruiserTV—a site devoted to the beauty of discovery, travel, and learning the ropes. More importantly, we want to know about your discovery, your travel, and how you learned the ropes. We want to connect with you over shared inspirations and dreams, over the freedom and joy that cruising brings.

Our mission is to inspire, educate, and inform want-to-be cruisers, dreamers, and travellers with the experience and knowledge of those who have conquered their dream of leaving the rat race behind and sailing into paradise. We will cover boats, equipment, maintenance, technique, lifestyle, fun, and debauchery among cruisers the world over already living the dream. Are you ready?

This project morphed from intrigue to idea to fruition out of the heart and soul of producer and host of CruiserTV, Teena Clipston.

“My vision is to give everyone, myself included, the chance to learn how to follow their dreams by showing how others have done it,” said Clipston, when discussing her objective for creating CruiserTV. “There are many reasons why viewers should tune in. First, for inspiration. Secondly, for knowledge. Also, to connect with other cruisers, for sheer entertainment, and to keep up with what we crazy girls are up to next … Life is nothing if not an adventure!”

In 2010, Clipston, with a long history tied to the music-industry and music-industry related journalism, sold BC Musician Magazine and soon after bought a sailboat, rebuilding it alongside her then-partner. They spent a year sailing with plans to head to Puerto Vallarta and, later, Tonga, but a job opportunity took them north instead and resulted in the sale of the boat. A year later, Clipston, unable to shake the dream of cruising, unable to shake the love of travel she’d had since exploring the Caribbean some 25 years prior, travelled south to Mexico in pursuit of happiness. “I am inspired by the ocean for many reasons, but mostly the freedom, the feeling of the wind, and the rollercoaster ride, the adventure, new cultures, new people, and the lifestyle,” she said.

CruiserTV is proud to include a number of other talented people who will joining in as special guests, co-hosts, and bloggers, each sharing in Clipston’s realization that life is not properly lived unless it is represented by a patchwork of adventure. We want to share that message with you and with the world. We want to challenge people to step outside, to feel the wind in their faces, and to journey to new shores.

If you are a cruiser and would like to be featured in a video interview, please email us at admin@cruisertv.com. Please feel free to re-blog our posts and to share yours with us and our readers. Welcome aboard!

Written by Melissa MacDougall 

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